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I heard the concert was AMAZING... Michael Fischer, Youth Pastor, First Assembly

... You really did put on a great concert and shared your heart. Charlene Brummund

What an awesome concert the other night!.... Lynette Getz

Incredibly Uplifting ...Doreen

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July 22-Hillcrest Church-MH, AB
Aug 11,12 Gospel Jamboree-Edmonton Area
Aug 19 - Concert Hillcrest Church
Sept 1 - Sounds of Heaven - Worship Concert - Santa Maria, CA.
Sept 14-Concert With Lenny Leblanc-Airdrie
Sept 15-Seminar - Aidrie AB
Sept 16-Kings Court Church - Aidrie, AB
Oct 19-21 Stonecroft Christian Womens Conference Calgary, AB
Nov 2-4 Israel Bible Conference



This has been an experience of a lifetime. We have been so welcomed everywhere we go with the beautiful smiles of the Peruvian people. They love the ministry of Compassion because it has made such a huge difference in their lives.

...more on Peru Mision trip

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...Not only is she an accomplished composer, song writer, musician and singer, she does it all with a winsome and graceful humility which draws people in....

Rev. Gene Packwood

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