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I grew up in a loving home that was devoted to church but even though we knew about God we didn’t know Him in a personal way. That changed when I was seven and my parents and learned that knowing about God was different than loving Him personally as Saviour and Friend. Finding this out and experiencing the love of God personally changed everything. I wanted to learn more about Him and grow to love Him with all my heart.

Throughout my early years I also had a strong love for music. My favourite thing to do was to write songs and I filled binders full of songs in many different styles. I also loved to sing! Some of my favourite memories were when I was outside all alone singing to the birds and sometimes they would even sing back! I dreamed of recording my songs so that I could more easily share them with others but it would be a long time before that dream would come to pass.

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my battle with leukemia

There are events in our lives that come unexpectedly, yet change us in significant ways. January 25 was such a day in my life. Throughout the previous fall and Christmas season I had been tired, but I attributed it to my busy schedule. Soon however, it became clear that I was experiencing more than normal fatigue. Just climbing a few stairs left me out of breath. My legs ached after a short walk. On January 25th, I finally made an appointment with my doctor and she immediately sent me for a blood test. Later that afternoon the doctor called to say that my white blood cell counts were so high that the lab machine couldn't measure them. She warned me of the possibility of leukemia, and advised me to go immediately to the hospital with my husband to meet with a specialist.

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experience & professional biography
Sheila is a Worship Arts Pastor overseeing many areas in church music ministry including worship teams, drama, specialty arts, choirs and creative arts. She has been a worship leader and a speaker in different denominations for concerts, church services, conferences and retreats. Her heart and passion is to see healing in the lives of people and the use of creativity in worship and the arts to express the wonderful glory of God.

As a gifted singer and songwriter, she expresses her love for God and effectively leads others in a deeper experience of worship. Also a dynamic speaker, Sheila has a passion for communicating the truth of God’s Word. Her desire is to be a part of God’s work in bringing healing to the lives of people as they discover the forgiveness, love and beauty of the King.

Sheila holds a bachelor degree from Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, and a master’s degree in music from California Baptist University. When she has spare time she enjoys photography, reading, being active outside and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation. Her desire is to continue to discover and experience the depths of the amazing love of Jesus and share His love with others.

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